Hulu sucks

Hulu sucks. Full stop. That is really all you need to know. Why?

Ads. I’m paying for it, and I still have to watch ads? I seriously haven’t waited through an ad since I got a Tivo in 2002, and I haven’t listened to an ad since my parents got a TV with a remote and a mute button in the mid 80s. I’m not paying for it AND watching unskipable ads.

It didn’t work very well on my Roku. It crashed frequently and the user interface was endlessly frustrating on any platform.

They have a bunch of idiot rules about where you can watch stuff. A lot of content only works in a web browser, on a computer. Doesn’t work on an iPad, doesn’t work on the Roku. If I want to watch the Simpsons, for example, they insist that I be inconvenienced.

Do you really even want to sell this Hulu? Or are you just there to make cable seem reasonable?

One comment on “Hulu sucks”

  • 99ways2die says:

    Come on man it’s not their fault. It’s the fact they just suck at everything they do, I mean you take a monkey with brain damage, licks windows and put’s it’s helmet on backwards, ask it to make a TV watching program for you, I’m sure yours would suck too. But keep in mind from what I’m noticing surfing around it’s last complaint page I could find other then this one was in 2010 and I would have to say it would seem no one really even uses it anymore. The fact they keep the ads in on a paid audience site is a sheer fact that they are money grubbing trash and most people just don’t want to contribute to the likes of them, especially when they keep all that money and really do nothing to put it back into the site. I just got done watching the free for the first time in like 2 or 3 years and yes the interface is a bit nicer but other then that, it’s still the same crappy playback, even more shows you have to pay for to still watch ads and it don’t seem like they have added anything new sense 2008except a couple shows here and there and they still make you pay for shows that have been canceled sense 2001 and really that’s BS, for one what right do the producers have still charging for shows they them selves weren’t worth keeping and for another why is Hulu getting a cut off of canceled programs at all?. Site is just crap and not worth watching for free so I wouldn’t suggest anyone watch it with money out of their own pocket.


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